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Stylish modern patio furniture made from solid garden sleepers sleeper makes an impressive statement about your entertaining standards.

sleeper patio furniture setting

Most people will simple marvel at a solid sleeper setting like this. For a patio area it simply becomes a central topic of conversation (and envy!).

Made from ironbark sleepers which are amongst the most resilient to weathering, this setting will last a lifetime.

The entire setting is made from 90mm thick dressed ironbark with a wide seat bench for comfort. The table top can be custom made to any length and width to best fit into your patio area.

This patio furniture setting is assembled onsite as it can weigh several hundred kg. Being modular the benches can still be moved around (although it takes 2 people to lift and move them).

A standard patio setting like this will cost $4,440 for a 1.8m long x 0.76m wide table with 2 side benches. If you have a very large patio area and lots of guests then the 2.4m x .95m version may be more suitable. Alternatively you can even have end benches made up for additional seating capacity.

If you are looking for another style using sleepers or even simpler and more economical timber patio furniture, then why not visit our main site to see more options.

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