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Solid timber outdoor patio furniture made from large durable timber sleepers.

railway sleeper garden seat

Patio furniture comes in a large variety of styles and is commonly also called garden furniture.  We specialise in outdoor timber furniture that is used both in commercial and public setting. This obviously includes furniture for and in a physical garden but also furniture that is part of a patio area. However we also make a large range of cafe furniture and other parks and gardens furniture.

Whilst our range includes many items that can be used anywhere this site is dedicated to a limited range of tables and seats that are most commonly associated with a patio area. For a broader range of outdoor timber products I would recommend you visit our main site.

The two most common furniture items in a patio area are patio tables and patio seats. From there you can also look for sheltered furniture that shouldn’t be left in the weather as it may deteriorate quickly Vs Outdoor furniture that can take on the elements and survive.
We predominantly manufacture the outdoor versions. The there is an ever growing list of materials that are used. Whilst we do a few settings in a steel /timber combination, we mainly specialise in solid timber patio furniture.

We simply don’t touch Patio furniture in Aluminium, plastic, or other artificial products as we firmly believe that natural timbers look better in outdoor setting and blend in with the surroundings and garden area better that the alternatives. That’s not to say that timber makes a higher quality setting, but that it blends in better astatically…
Even when it comes to wooden furniture, the variety of timber species is astounding and often many of these are poorly suited to our harsh conditions and deteriorate quickly. Add to that the fact that most products are imported and made from thin slats and it can be a recipe for disaster as the furniture quickly deteriorates.

Our patio furniture on the other hand is made locally and mainly from highly durable timbers like ironbark and redgum with some even made from treated pine. The other big advantage of our furniture is that we only manufacture from sleepers and thicker timber section.  Consequently out furniture is chunky and robust and proven to last.
Highlighted here is a stylish sleeper dining setting with attached benches and a set of seats that can easily be moved around.
Both products are manufactured from dressed ironbark, but we also make rustic setting from recycled railway sleepers and a range of out finished and textures in between.

A patio are needs to be functional so the right choice of furniture is critical and this includes both its size and how it blends in with the surroundings. The table above clearly illustrates proportions and this setting was made to the clients size and with a specific intent to blend in with other larger objects in the vicinity.

Seating is also critical as we all love to enjoy the warm summer evening in the outdoors and the choice of comfortable seats is essential.

A further factor that often influences choice is budget. That harsh reality between what I want and what I can afford. Fortunately we also make a large range of simpler and more economical settings that can be just as functional as the one above but not leave you financially depleted. For the budget conscious a simple picnic table can be just the right item and will last just as long as one of our more elite patio furniture setting.

Again I would encourage you to explore the larger range on our main site.

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